Sprinkler systems are an excellent investment for home and business owners. They free up time with automatic settings, save water and save you the headaches of dragging the hose out. Like any equipment, sometimes technology fails. Maintenance and repairs are needed to keep your sprinkler system running smoothly. Keep reading to learn common sprinkler system repairs and the signs to look out for.

Common signs your sprinkler system may need to be repaired:

  • Sinkholes

Sinkholes and underground cavities can form from pipes leaking. They can cause property damage and damage to utility lines.

  • Dry landscape

If your landscape is dry in areas that are usually watered, that is a sign your sprinkler system isn’t working correctly. The dry section should help to find the damaged underground pipe.

  • Visible damage

Periodically you should check your sprinkler system for damaged heads and nozzles. Check in when your sprinkler is on to make sure everything looks like it’s running smooth.

  • High water bill

If your water bill is higher than average, but you haven’t been using significantly more water indoors, you could have an irrigation leak. Make sure to check both indoor and outdoor pipes or call a professional.

  • Low pressure

Leaking pipes can cause the water flow to be off. If you have a sprinkler head spouting little to no water, you probably have a pipe leaking underground.

Damaged Sprinkler System Pipes

Damaged pipes cause water to leak, leading to other severe issues if left unattended. Leaky pipes cause wood rot, mold, mildew, and water damage to your home.

One of the most common causes of cracked pipes is root intrusion. As a tree grows above ground, the roots underground grow as well. Sometimes tree roots can impose on underground pipes, straining them until they break. Other common causes for pipe cracking are deterioration and landscape shifting. Not winterizing your sprinkler system can also cause your pipelines to need repairs. When you winterize your sprinkler system, you reduce the risk of water in your pipes freezing, expanding, and causing damage.

Head Replacements

The type of sprinkler system head in your lawn depends on your irrigation system. An in-ground sprinkler head works on a pressure system. The pressure pushes the sprinkler head above ground when water runs through the pipe. Once the water pressure stops, they retract down to ground level.

A rotor sprinkler head works with the flow of the water. The water flow causes the turbine to move and the gears of the sprinkler to rotate. The sprinkler heads must work correctly to ensure your lawn is adequately watered.
Sprinkler system heads may need to be replaced for various reasons. Sprinkler heads can break from visitors stepping on them, or weather such as high wind and debris falling. Simple wear and tear may also be a factor in replacing sprinkler heads. Stay up to date on routine maintenance to keep your sprinkler heads working correctly.

Nozzle Replacements

It’s common to replace one or two nozzles each season. Sprinkler nozzles retract to ground level after your sprinkler system has finished watering. Nozzles get exposed to fine dirt particles that can cause clogging or damage. Replacing a broken nozzle is easy. If you keep up on your maintenance checks, they should be able to unclog the nozzles or replace them for you.

Head adjustments

Sprinkler heads need adjusting when your lawn is not getting sufficient water coverage. If you have water spraying on the sidewalk, try adjusting the head. Adjusting a sprinkler head is not a complicated task. You may need to do it as the season changes to ensure your water spray pattern covers your lawn evenly.

Valve Replacements

Sprinkler system valves control the water flow to specific zones within the system. Basic plumbing supplies are needed to replace a valve, but the job is relatively easy. It’s essential to have the exact replacement part for the sprinkler valve. The easiest way to determine the type and size of the valve is to remove it and bring it to the store with you.

Common signs your sprinkler system valve needs to be replaced:

  • Leaking around the valve.
  • Uneven water spraying from the sprinkler heads.
  • Sprinkler heads that don’t come on.

Lake Pump and Well Pump Replacement

When your lake pump or well pump gets hooked up to your sprinkler system, it gives your lawn easy access to fresh water and lowers your monthly water bill. These pumps can experience various problems if they need to be replaced. Problematic pressure tanks and faulty switches are a few reasons why you may need to replace your well pump. We advise you to hire a professional if you are not experienced with plumbing repairs.

Common signs your lake pump or well pump needs to be replaced:

  • Dirty water
  • No water coming from your sprinkler system
  • Unusually high electric bills
  • A constant running well pump
  • Low water pressure

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