Are you looking to level up your landscape? Decorative curbing is the perfect way to add a beautiful border to your garden beds. They add a stylish flair that can be custom-designed to match your landscape. Keep reading to learn what styles our customers in Central Florida are requesting most.

What is Decorative Curbing?

Decorative curbing is stamped concrete poured along the edge of garden beds. It replicates natural stone to create a safer, more permanent option than other landscape edging. At Active Environmental, we give our clients various colors and styles to choose from. We currently have a variety of Moroccan Stone styles that are popular with Central Florida homeowners. When looking at options, select a style that reflects the look and feel of your landscape. Check out our gallery to view our work.

What to Expect With Decorative Curbing

Decorative curbing is more versatile than other landscape edging options. Since decorative curbing is different from traditional curbing, we have outlined what to expect once your curbing is installed.

Decorative curbing has a relatively fast installation process. It will be dry to the touch within 24 hours of installation. However, to fully cure it will require 28 days. During this time frame, be particularly careful of what comes in contact with your curb. It is most vulnerable to damage by children, pets, or irrigation.

All concrete can crack over time, but to prevent cracking, we place control joints every few feet to allow your curbing to expand. Even with the control joints, the curbing can and will eventually crack. With proper care and maintenance, your curbing will last for many years.

 Decorative Curbing Styles

We can customize your specific preferences for your decorative curbing. When homeowners see all of the possible options, it can be overwhelming. That’s why we have picked out some of the most popular decorative curbing requests from our central Florida clients.


Casablanca is a fan favorite for Central Floridians. If you like greenery around your home, this style is for you. The imitation cobblestone looks stunning as a darker accent color to a neutral-colored home. The natural look pairs perfectly with your hedge or shrubs.

Marrakesh Marble

Marrakesh Marble was made to stand out. This style is designed to replicate stone. Named after Morocco’s third-largest city, Marrakesh has a Mediterranean style that makes any home feel like a desert getaway. Pair Marrakesh Marble with bright red mulch to help your house stand out to guests or potential buyers!

Tangier Slate

This style is both simple and beautiful. Pair this style with a warm tone brown to blend perfectly with a rich brown-colored mulch. Add some trim hedges and greenery throughout your garden beds to create a sleek, elegant look for guests as they walk by.

The Central Florida Decorative Curbing Experts

Do you have more questions about decorative curbing? Active Environmental is Orlando’s premier decorative curbing and landscaping service provider. We can install your decorative curbing in just a few hours! Contact us today to set up a professional to get your quote.