Experienced Sod Installation With Our Orlando Lawn Care Services

When it comes to creating the lawn of your dreams, Active Lawn Care and Landscaping offers it all. From Orlando sod installation, to laying rock and mulch, our technicians have years of experience and thrive on customer service.Orlando Sod Installation

Our professionals will remove your old sod, and replace with new beautiful sod that exceeds your expectations. Your yard doesn’t have to only consist of grass, give your plants protection by laying mulch or rocks. This can make a huge difference in the success of your landscape by conserving soil moisture, keeping down on weeds, and reducing erosion.

Our Orlando area lawn service includes laying of mulch, gravel and rocks to create the exact look you want.

Orlando Sod Installation

We Service Many Areas in Central Florida, Including:

  • Orlando
  • Clermont
  • Windermere
  • Ocoee
  • Winter Garden
  • And more!

We offer many specials on laying rock and mulch throughout the year!

Incredible Orlando Lawn Service and Zeroscaping

Zeroscaping is our form of landscaping that offers plants that are drought resistant and heat tolerant. Rocks and plants are used in abundance to provide extremely low ongoing maintenance.

Our designer’s goal is to create beautiful gardens in dry or harsh landscapes. We will take advantage of native plants, which thrive naturally in the environment that the garden is planted in, along with a variety of tricks to conserve water and use water efficiently.

Zeroscaping is a great service for your lawn in the Orlando area, that preserves native plant species and celebrates the local flora. Gardens made with non-native plants may require a great deal of work, since these plants may not be accustomed to the prevailing conditions.

We help native plants thrive with minimal work, and look incredible, especially when they are well arranged in a thoughtful zeroscaping scheme.

Call Active Environmental today to find out how our Orlando area lawn services are perfect for you!